Science Lab



Science lab educate children knowledge about world, so that they will have foundation before go to school. 

Science lab let children evolve passion into knowledge. Parents and children can learn and participate about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics together. Instead the normal dry classes, they will gain the knowledge with fun experience that children won’t resist learning. Also, learning with parents make children feel more comfortable and confident. 

Similar: Exploratorium/ Children’s Museum of Denver

Different: We provide class that children can take with parents.


Arts and Culture Museum



Art and culture museum expend children’s perspective through diverse culture, so that they can have open-minded.


Arts and culture museum help children become civilized and comprehensive. Provide an environment that children and parents can appreciate and enjoy movies, music, dance, art, myth, and books. Through appreciation, they will learn different culture and have diverse perspective that they can tolerance people who have different background with open-minded. 

Similar: MOMA/ TED talk

Different: We present not only a space that children can appreciate art, but also an idea to accept and respect.


Life Appreciate Class



Life appreciate class let children experience of taking care of small animal, so that they learn responsibility and the value of life.


Life appreciate class main to educate children respect and responsible before adopt pets. Life appreciate class provide a physical class which is face to face with pets and teach family how to take care of home pets and plants, and to understand the value of life. In the class, we also will help family to choose the pet or plant base on the living style or living area that they can take care of easily. It is an opportunity to let children know it is necessary to respect and be responsible with life. 

Similar: Lollypop Farm/ MSPCA-Angell/ Lindsay Wildlife Experience 

Different: We not only educate and inform family the knowledge of home pets and plants, but also award them the actual living situation with it.

Children will participate the science experiment with other children, and they will learn how to work as a team.

Arts and culture museum not only a showroom for arts, but also an interaction museum that family to participate together. 

Children will participate the science experiment with other children, and they will learn how to work as a team.

Gymboree provide a learning opportunity for children and family to enrich their potential.

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