Future Develop Program



Future develop program expand children’s living skills, so that can help them find their interest and direction in future life.


In the program children can choose different section of life skill that they would like to learn. The program include cooking and baking class, organize and decorate the house, and repair house with tools. Everything in the program are using the actual tools that children will learn how to use them in appropriate way, and parents will learn how to trust their children. Future develop program provide a chance let children to present themselves to their parents. As long as parents see what their kid capable, they will learn to trust them more. 

Similar: Kid Sense Child Develop/ Child Development Services

Different: Our program use actual tools which not only teach children the right way to use, but also prove to parents that they are reliable.


Be Little Artist



Be little artist support and help children to explore ideas, so that they can express their imagination and creation.


Be little artist help children to build an unlimited childhood with imagination and inspiration. Children and parents can take the handmade class or art class together. In the class they will learn how to draw, paint, sing, and dace. Children can learn all kind of talent that they are interesting with. It is an opportunity that children can explore their creativity and imagination.

Similar: Children’s Museum of the Arts/ Art Center for Kids

Different: We are not only provide class for children, but also let parents join with their kids. 


Be Little Farmer



Be little farmer let children experience and understand where is the food come from, so that they will be grateful and cherish.


This event lets children and parents self-experience “you reap what you sow” in farm work. Children and parents can participate the farm work and being the farmer in the event. They can cut the sheep fur, clean the farmhouse, and water the crops. They will go through the whole process of the farming, and they will know how hard it is, so they will be grateful the food, be respect with farmer. 

Similar: Leaping Lamb Farm/ Self Farming

Different: We not only provide the farming experience, but also provide a chance that family can have an impressive memory in the process.

Parents can also participate with children and enjoy the experience together.

Creation of arts host different theme of events every month that children and parents can choose the one they are interesting with.

Parents and children can learn how to  farming together.

Gymboree gather children and parents to participate each other’s life.

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