Gym Shop/ Mall



Gym shop provide the goods for parents and children, so the the whole family can gather the groceries together.


Gym shop sells multiple living needs which let people can get everything at once. Gym shop provide all kinds of products that family needs in several department, such as foods, clothes, books, stationaries, groceries, and entertainments. Parents can find the products which help them grow up the kids, and families can get the stuffs that they need in daily life. It is a mall that can fit all kind of families. 

Similar: Mall/ Plaza

Different: We focus on the living needs that family will actual use in their life, not just for shopping. 


Parents Guiding Program



Parents guiding program organize massive information to parents, so that can teach them how to raise their children.


Parents Guiding Program provide information and direction for parents who need help on raising children. Every parents need to be prepare and help while being parents. This program include every status of children, such as newborn, infant, toddler, tween, and teenager. Parents can choose the class base on their situation that is suitable for them. The program can be online or onsite and the time also flexible that parents can take the class easily. In the program, there will be all kind of information that is about children’s psych and mental. Parents will be educate how to provide approbate food for children, how to communicate and solve children’s insight problem. 

Similar: Center for Parenting Education/ ACT Raising Safe Kids Program

Different: Our program follow the step that parents are and customize the class and schedule for them.



Find Here App



Find here app collect information for parents to know where is safe and near house, so that they can bring their kids to. 


Find here app help parents to discover and explore the location to hang out that is near to their house. This app focus on make parents life easier. For example, when they try to find a park to bring children to go,  they will want it is near to their place and the environment is safe. The app will provide location that is close to nature, easy to find food and restroom, also, it will give the rate to show the location is not homeless or crime area. This app will report to Administration for Children and Families, so they can tell which area might need improvements. 

Similar: Yelp/ Place Near Me

Different: Our location recommend base on safety and convenient for children and parents. 

Gym shop is a mall that whole family can but the stuff they need.

Pregnancy mother will learn how to keep healthy for the baby and themselves.

Find here app lets family can find a safe environment to hang out.

Gymboree assistance parents and family to raise their children easily.  

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